"We were looking for the right reservation system for our restaurant. Thanks to iReca we now have a total mobile solution. A reservation system, our own app and mobile website."
- Natali, Restaurant Florida
Restaurant App

Make the greatest App for your Restaurant

iReca Restaurant App offers restaurant owners the opportunity to promote their business by building their own restaurant app. The app is available for iPhone and Android, against a one-time fee of only €298.

Why your restaurant needs an app? Because everyone has a smartphone nowadays. Whether they’re updating their Facebook status or deciding on what to cook for dinner, there is no denying the impact of mobile traffic. With a restaurant app, your customers can easily check out your menu and book a table.

App versus mobiele website. The downside of a mobile website is that customers will have to remember your URL. It’s fine to have a mobile website, just make sure you also have a restaurant app for easy access.

An app allows you to connect to your customers anywhere, any time - whether they’re lounging at home or putting in work at the office. You are in control of optimizing your restaurant’s exposure. The app even features your logo, which means constant and highly effective branding!

About Restaurant App

The iReca Restaurant App is the easiest possible way for restaurant owners to stay in touch with their customers. We provide the platform, you assemble the app you need. Customize your restaurant’s visual settings and choose from a vast set of features.
The iReca Restaurant App puts you in charge of your mobile branding. iReca allows restaurant owners to use a branded mobile app, without the usual high costs of custom app development.


How does it work?

The iReca platform allows you to build your own restaurant app. Choose from a variety of color settings to match your restaurant’s house style. Customizing the restaurant app is very easy. Divide your menu into different categories (for example, starters and main courses) and subcategories (for example, cold and hot starters). These can even have their own subcategories, like salads, soups, etcetera. After uploading the menu choices, include photos and wine suggestions.
If you’re satisfied with the way your restaurant app looks, it can be published in the App Store and on Google Play. Once enough people have downloaded the app, you will be able to access vital statistics about most-viewed dishes, favorite dishes, most shares on social media, and much more. This provides you with better insight into your customers’ needs.



How do I start?

To start your own Restaurant App, click on the “Make an Account” button on top. You will then receive an email with all the information you need to get started.
Insert your logo, create your restaurant menu and add some promotional offers. iReca’s app management system allows you to easily add or adapt features, even if the app is already online. Should you have any problems, our support will be happy to take care of them for you! We also offer an online chat service.


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