"We were looking for the right reservation system for our restaurant. Thanks to iReca we now have a total mobile solution. A reservation system, our own app and mobile website."
- Natali, Restaurant Florida
Restaurant App

Make the greatest App for your Restaurant

iReca Restaurant App offers restaurant owners the opportunity to promote their business by building their own restaurant app. The app is available for iPhone and Android, against a one-time fee of only €298.

Why your restaurant needs an app? Because everyone has a smartphone nowadays. Whether they’re updating their Facebook status or deciding on what to cook for dinner, there is no denying the impact of mobile traffic. With a restaurant app, your customers can easily check out your menu and book a table.

App versus mobiele website. The downside of a mobile website is that customers will have to remember your URL. It’s fine to have a mobile website, just make sure you also have a restaurant app for easy access.

An app allows you to connect to your customers anywhere, any time - whether they’re lounging at home or putting in work at the office. You are in control of optimizing your restaurant’s exposure. The app even features your logo, which means constant and highly effective branding!


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    In december 2012 Google Maps announced they’ve reached a billion users every month. These days you see Google Maps implemented everywhere in websites and apps. And it keeps on growing. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see your business on that map that is used in your locals and all over the world? That’s possible, free and very easy!

    You can do it in 5 minutes just by following the next 6 steps.


    Actual process may look differ slightly from provided instructions.


    • Agree with the Terms of Service. We suggest to uncheck the first box.


    • Click on Verify by postcard. They will send a postcard with a code. The code is to verify that your the rightful owner of the company.


    • Fill out your profile as much as possible with the requested information.


    • As soon as you received the postcard from Google with the code you can open the site again from step 1. On top of the page there is a button that says Give code. Click on that and fill in the code. Just that easy!


  • • Go to: https://developer.apple.com/programs/start/standard/create.php

    • • If you already have an apple account then you can use your own Apple ID by clicking on “Sign In”. If you don’t have an account yet, you click on “Create Apple ID” and follow the steps.
    • • If you did this you see the question: “Are you enrolling as an individual or organization?”. For an account as a company/organization they need a lot more information, and it doesn’t offer that much more. We suggest to choose “Individual”.
    • • That you come at a page where you need to log in. Log in with your Apple ID.
    • • Then you need to fill in the data. Make sure you fill in the same data as your credit card. When it’s not the same, they will not accept the account.
    • • At the next step they ask you which program you would like to use. Choose “iOS Developer Program” and click continue.
    • • The next step is just checking the data. Click to continue.
    • • Click on “I Agree” to agree with the terms and conditions.
    • • Put the “iOS Developer Program in to your cart by clicking “Add to cart”.
    • • A new screen opens. Make sure you buy just one program.
    • • The next few steps are the payment. Once you’ve done the payment you will receive an email with an activation code. After the activation you’re ready to upload!


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