"We were looking for the right reservation system for our restaurant. Thanks to iReca we now have a total mobile solution. A reservation system, our own app and mobile website."
- Natali, Restaurant Florida
Restaurant App

Make the greatest App for your Restaurant

iReca Restaurant App offers restaurant owners the opportunity to promote their business by building their own restaurant app. The app is available for iPhone and Android, against a one-time fee of only €298.

Why your restaurant needs an app? Because everyone has a smartphone nowadays. Whether they’re updating their Facebook status or deciding on what to cook for dinner, there is no denying the impact of mobile traffic. With a restaurant app, your customers can easily check out your menu and book a table.

App versus mobiele website. The downside of a mobile website is that customers will have to remember your URL. It’s fine to have a mobile website, just make sure you also have a restaurant app for easy access.

An app allows you to connect to your customers anywhere, any time - whether they’re lounging at home or putting in work at the office. You are in control of optimizing your restaurant’s exposure. The app even features your logo, which means constant and highly effective branding!


iReca on the road for Greek Restaurant Parthenon!

👤 🕔 November 8, 2013 0

iReca is rolling up its sleeves to help restaurant owners market their Restaurant App. Over the coming weeks, the iReca promo team will be crisscrossing the country to promote restaurants. From the first group of restaurants, iReca has picked Greek Restaurant Parthenon to participate in this unique venture.

Yesterday (November 7), was the first day of promotions. In the Appeldoorn city center, the iReca team successfully promoted the Restaurant Parthenon App! This promotion will continue a further two days, on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th of November.


Successful promotion

In partnership with Restaurant Parthenon, iReca has undertaken an initiative that rewards guests with a complimentary cup of coffee on presenting the Restaurant App. By the evening, many guests had come with the App on their smartphone. This venture can already be considered a success! Over 3 days, the iReca promo team will distribute over 10,000 invitations in Apeldoorn.

Comments from some passers-by

“We have never been to Parthenon. Well, a great chance to make use of this opportunity. Will do, thanks!”

“Can I browse their menu with the App from home? Now that is convenient, indeed.”

“We often have our business meetings at a restaurant. There are 3 restaurants we frequent. Too bad they don’t have an App to be able to make our reservations easily. Of course this is ideal, on your smartphone.”

More app users

The purpose of this venture is to get more App users. Experience shows that 8 out of 10 downloaded Apps are not deleted. This is an interesting promotion technique, for Greek Restaurant Parthenon, but also for your restaurant. It allows you to invite guests who have downloaded your App to a nice dinner in the near future.
As you’ve come to expect from us, we regularly offer interesting tips & how-to’s so that you can promote your own App in a fun way.

Wouldn’t it be great if the iReca promo team iReca also promoted your Restaurant App for free?

iReca promo team
The conditions to be eligible for this promotion are:
- You must have your own Restaurant App, created using the iReca Restaurant App platform;
- Your App must be uploaded in the Apple and Google Play store;
- Your App must be completed in full, including the menu and any necessary images;
If you meet the conditions above, there is a chance that we will contact you soon. If you also have a great idea for promoting your App and want to run it in cooperation with iReca, please let us know by sending us a message..

Also read the 6 tips on how you can get more App users within weeks.

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