"We were looking for the right reservation system for our restaurant. Thanks to iReca we now have a total mobile solution. A reservation system, our own app and mobile website."
- Natali, Restaurant Florida
Restaurant App

Make the greatest App for your Restaurant

iReca Restaurant App offers restaurant owners the opportunity to promote their business by building their own restaurant app. The app is available for iPhone and Android, against a one-time fee of only €298.

Why your restaurant needs an app? Because everyone has a smartphone nowadays. Whether they’re updating their Facebook status or deciding on what to cook for dinner, there is no denying the impact of mobile traffic. With a restaurant app, your customers can easily check out your menu and book a table.

App versus mobiele website. The downside of a mobile website is that customers will have to remember your URL. It’s fine to have a mobile website, just make sure you also have a restaurant app for easy access.

An app allows you to connect to your customers anywhere, any time - whether they’re lounging at home or putting in work at the office. You are in control of optimizing your restaurant’s exposure. The app even features your logo, which means constant and highly effective branding!


iReca will be providing a new service

👤 🕔 August 27, 2013 0

From the 28th of August, iReca will be providing a new service in the form of support. This will allow restaurant owners to serve their customers better, and, when time is pressing, to relieve their work load. This service will make it even more convenient to keep your app up to date and serve your guests optimally.

This new service is an important next step in iReca’s quest to work hand in hand with restaurant owners to reach more loyal guests.

What does this service entail?

Menu outsourcing means that we change your menu in your App for you. You only have to upload your menu (in PDF format), and we load it in the app.

Can I still make adjustments myself when using this service?

Yes, of course. This is an additional service that you can use in tandem with other services. You can simply make the changes yourself.

How many times per year can I make use of this service?

There is no limit. You can change your entire menu, or just add a new dish, or amend one. One e-mail with the correct information is all that is required – we do the rest!

What does the service cost?

You can get the service for half a year or one year. Half a year costs only € 40, and one year only € 69 excl. VAT.
In both cases, you can make unlimited menu changes.

How does it work?

If you want to make a change, you e-mail us directly. As a rule, you should send us your changes two days in advance. However, if it is a change that must be implemented quickly you can indicate this – we will do everything possible to change it immediately. Files can be sent to us via a special, easy-to-use website. As soon as you have purchased the service, an e-mail with a password is sent to you.


To keep the process simple and practical, both for you and for us, we have established some rules to ensure smooth operation.

We recommend you send a menu which includes descriptions, prices and photos. If you have wines on your menu, the following should be included: the year, country of origin and wine characteristics, as well as any additional information required for each wine.

  • A menu change is only made if it comes from an e-mail address which is known to us.
  • If you upload files such as photos, we ask that you supply this in zip format. Include your restaurant name in the file name. If you have photos of dishes, please use the name of the dish as the file name.
  • If there are changes to be made, we try, as far as possible, to make them according to your wishes. If you have any other needs, please contact us.
  • We will make every effort to make changes in a timely and accurate fashion. However, no rights can be derived from this service.
  • This service can only be used if you have paid the annual costs for support, the online managing environment and updates.

We like to keep it simple, just like you! To sign-up for this service, please submit a support ticket.

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